Free Energy Movement Continues To Grow


Free Energy Community: Releasing Free Energy Plans at 5000 Members
   Here are some links dealing with the New or “Free” Energy Movement. The technology for extracting energy from the vacuum of space or ‘ether’ continues to develop despite frequent ridicule from dogmatic “mainstream science” and intense suppression and opposition from from the giant oil and energy cartels. In a sense, the cat is now fully out of the bag as far as the fundamental principles are concerned and it will be difficult for the corporations to stuff them back into the bag. One milestone was the publication of Tom Bearden’s massive tome “Energy from the Vacuum” which has become the new “bible” of scalar science. Although this is Einsteinian stuff about the nature of spacetime, the simpler aspects and principles are beginning to seep into public awareness. One day the entire world will use the energy Nature has provided, and current methods of energy generation will become obsolete. It just takes time.

1. Future News Network: Networking the Free Energy Movement
FNN was created to be the voice of the free energy movement. Sure, there are inventors all over the place inventing tomorrow’s technology, but how does it get from them to you? Enter FNN! Future News Network was created out of necessity – this planet needs clean energy technology, or things will continue to get worse. Countless decades of suppression and greed have led to the creation of this network, because of man’s voice being silenced by the powers that be, by special interest groups, corrupt governments, even rogue military industrial complexes spoke of in the past. We are evening the playing field so to speak, by creating the network that can not, and WILL NOT, be suppressed any longer. The new Free Energy movement is indeed upon us, and I boldly ask…Are you ready to move forward?Stay informed with me, free energy investigator and researcher Zach Royer (FNN Coordinator), Apparently Apparel Shirts & News, Future News Network, One Billion Strong for Free Energy, and all the other sites listed below as we have dedicated our mission to the free energy movement. Once we have 5000 members in the free energy club, we will be releasing plans to the public at no charge for a free energy device that simple to build and efficient to use. Please stay tuned and maybe even get involved as this all relies on everyone’s participation. Even researching into this topic is a good place to start. – Zach Royer, A2 & FNNThe FREE ENERGY flyer below created by Jason Verbelli is a great tool to have on hand. Bookmark, Print & Distribute! (prints best with glossy picture setting)
Facebook Profile: (learn about Jason & his work at Searl Magnetics)
Jason’s Free Energy Notes: (just two out of 128, read the rest on his FB page please..)
How the SEG Operates and Eliminates Radiation (Must Read)
Twin Opposing Vortexes and the Illusion of Pull


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2.Another collection of great sites that provide up to date information on the Free Energy movement and the Top 100 Alternative Technologies are:Pure Energy Systems Network (PESN)PESWikiNew Energy Congress
Free Energy NewsPure energy systems reports on the recent breakthrough in cold fusion at UCLA which was covered (amazingly) by the main stream press.PESWiki is guided by the New Energy Congress, a network of 50+ energy professionals who are dedicated to clean energy technology advancement. Both the NEC and Pure Energy Systems (PES) Network were founded by Sterling D. Allan, CEO. Many others knowledgeable in the industry also help make this site what it is — a movement for identifying and promoting the best clean energy technologies.The New Energy Congress is a global association of experts who review the most promising new and emerging energy technologies. They publish The Global Top 100 Clean Energy Technologies list, a publically available resource that is generated from a continuous professional review process taking into consideration a number of criteria including: environmental impact, sustainability, cost benefits, reliability, scalability, safety, and availability. The NEC also facilitates the emergence of promising new technologies that may have difficulty gaining assistance through more traditional means. is easy to become impatient with developments which take a long time, such as the widespread adoption of a totally new physical paradigm, so it is good to be aware that developments in the field of energy from the vacuum continue steadily and that the principles are becoming known by more and more people. The biggest obstacles are political and economic, not technological.3. Another website that frequently reports on a forum that was held in Portland, OR last year called “New Energy: The Courage to Change”. The guest speakers included Dr. Brian O’Leary, Mark Comings, Dr. Steven Greer, and Jeane Manning. See the report by Stephen Kaplan here:

The forum was held to announce the creation of an entity called “The New Energy Movement.”

“The New Energy Movement was created because of the long-felt need of its leaders for citizen support to change the status quo and existing paradigm in the energy field. Because of the resistance of much of the scientific community, the indifference or even hostility of government and the press, new energy advancements are largely unknown and unsupported by the general public. And because of this, it is extremely difficult to get the funds needed for R&D from angel investors. “These funds are critical for moving many promising devices from “proof of concept” to prototypes ready for production. ”

The article gives a good summary of what some of the main speakers said at the gathering. One speaker, Mark Comings, had this to say:

“The corporate hegemony has metastasized, and it is up to all of us to stop its cancerous growth and redesign how corporations operate. After all, corporations are simply groups of humans operating according to certain programs and protocols.”

“”The vacuum of space is anything but a vacuum,” he said. “It is enormously dense with geometrodynamic potential which is dynamically imbedded in the very fabric of space”. John Wheeler postulates that space has an energy density of 10 to the 94th power grams per cubic centimeter. “To call space a “vacuum” or the “quantum vacuum” is a misnomer because everything that we know about space indicates that it is not empty. It is not a vacuum but rather a plenum – an absolute fullness, characterized by nearly infinite energy density and boundless luminosity.

“Space is literally efflorescing with virtual photons and electron-positron pair production. It is not dead, empty or inert but radiant and shimmering with energetic potential. We need to re-envision the foundations of physics. Our fundamental concepts of Space, Time, Light, Mass, Force etc are limited and are in the process of being dramatically re-visioned. ‘The so-called laws of physics are special case limits of reality; they are maps which do not necessarily fully represent the actual nature of the territory” . ”

Some of Comings’ comments illustrated the way in which scalar science is coming close to what has previously been thought of as the (“unscientific”) spiritual side of things:

All mass and matter arises dynamically out of this plenum of infinite potentiality and yet is paradoxically utterly continuous with, and is in fact a dynamic expression of, this plenum. This all pervading continuum or unified field has the features and qualities of what indigenous people called the Great Spirit.

We have unlimited access to the radiant field of consciousness which is infinite active universal intelligence, We all have direct and immediate access to that field which has been referenced by the spiritual traditions as the Divine Being. ” There is more to light than meets the eye.
We need to articulate a deeper understanding of light which will engender a deeper understanding of ourselves and the nature of reality.” “Maxwell’s equations are not actually Maxwell’s; they are a truncated and simplified vector form created by Heaviside and Gibbs for engineers.

This form leaves out an entire oscillatory component of light, the longitudinal component.” Comings declared. ” It is quite significant as well as symbolic that twentieth century physics has been operating on a truncated and incomplete model of light. Light has more to it than we have generally suspected, light is not just electro-magnetic.”

Facebook: One Billion Strong for Free Energy

Article: The Future of the Free Energy Movement

Exclusive: Free Energy with Inventor Michael Alexander

Comings does well to point out that the new scalar/zero-point paradigm will necessitate nothing less than a complete redesign of our world.”We don’t have an energy shortage. We have an integrity shortage. We have a love and compassion shortage. We need to be the change we want to see in this world. We need to be the human technology of love and abundance expressed in our very way of being in relationship with each other before we will be able to build an external technological infrastructure that generates and supports any kind of real shared collective abundance. “We must also re-design the monetary system and create a just economy to reflect the values of an emerging sustainable and bio-regionally distributed energy system. We need to realize that we are in the process of envisioning and designing a completely new kind of society,”A new form of planetary civilization is beginning to emerge based upon an entirely new set of values. The commitment to generating all of our electricity in clean and sustainable ways symbolizes a new human covenant with the Earth. We need to build new living communities that are local in their economies and their energy infrastructure. “4. One page of interest I found recently concerns chemtrails and their possible purposes. It is published at a site called “” basic idea proposed here is that one of the main purposes behind the chemtrail spraying is to make visible the signature of scalar waves in the ongoing scalar weather wars. The article suggests that by placing metalic (aluminum and barium) particles in the atmosphere the effects of scalar weather engineering can be visualized. Tom Bearden, a free energy inventor, has also collected similar cloud pictures at his site which show these effects. Such cloud formations often reveal an underlying grid pattern caused by the weather-altering longitudinal waves.

This article contains the astounding picture showing massive chemtrail activity.


Speaking to the point of why hasn’t energy-from-the-vacuum proceeded further by now, the author has this to say:

“The hurdle, as always, is the control exerted from the top of the power structure of this world. The Elite. Patent after patent has been filed and granted that would allow for the development of engines that still burn petroleum yet deliver 60 to 200 plus miles per gallon. For some unspeakable reason this technology cannot get to market!

Patent after patent having also been granted for magnetic motors or what are termed over unity devices, these units produce more power than what initially goes in. I have seen designs of one that has an output ratio of 1:450! One watt goes in. 450 watts is returned. <> Why are these not everywhere? In the schools, hospitals, county buildings, cars, one in each neighborhood. This is a one time expense and then free electricity, forever! Who looses? Could it be that the $6+ trillion energy complex is not going to allow this to happen? Especially with an American White House that is soaked in oil. How expensive will fuel get before people demand a quantum leap in the advancement of energy technology? How much longer will we let them get away with this ongoing theft of our future and unnecessary contamination of our planet and only atmosphere?”

One of the main purposes of the chemtrail program is to provide a kind of metallic “blackboard” in the sky to see the effects of scalar wave activity in the scalar weather wars.

“These thick contrails, laced with aluminum oxide and barium salts, are there to reveal the movements of this game of chess played out in the skies above us. Chemtrails/scalar marker flights are an important form of this reconnaissance when viewed from space. ” “With the chemtrail/contrail marker flights so common in the Western hemisphere of influence one must then conclude that all governments, that allow these contrail marker over flights, know of the scalar war being waged in the skies above.

This outright deceit of the public must end. We see these marking flights each and every day of the year, we now know why they are flown and demand a full accounting of the activities that occur in our skies. This is a technology, which because it affects everyone on this planet, rightly belongs to the people. It is readily apparent that those that have and use the scalar weaponry are incapable of using it for the betterment of mankind and therefore are not worthy of the leadership positions they presently hold.

When an agenda of greed, thirst for power, deceit and deception is at the basis of their moral compass a change of leadership is hereby demanded. ” Since scalar wave activity cannot be detected directly, although Bearden, among others, has offered ideas about how to make a detector, it seems reasonable to me that the chemtrails may have this as at least one of their deeper purposes.



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