Bearden’s Slide’s

Bearden – Slides – Visual Tour of what they don’t want you to know about electrical circuits

Bearden – Slides – The Anomalies in Navy Electrolyte Experiments at China Lake

Bearden – Slides – Technical Background on the Priore Healing Process

Bearden – Slides – Scalar EM weapons

Bearden – Slides – Porthole concept healing methods with EM waves

Bearden – Slides – National Report on America’s Energy Crisis

Bearden – Slides – Missing Infolded Electrodynamics

Bearden – Slides – Life systems – Toward the Beginning of the End

Bearden – Slides – Foundations of Electro-Magnetism

Bearden – Slides – Energy, Observations and Comments

Bearden – Slides – Deffeyes – Hubbert’s Peak – Impending Oil Crisis

Bearden – Slides – Defense Department Briefing on Priore Treatment to counter Biological warfare


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