Global Revolution

Call Mayor Bloomberg and leave him a message 212-772-1081 ext. 12006

Watch live streaming video from globalrevolution at

3 Responses to Global Revolution

  1. If this protest is about the involvement of big business running and ruining our country,then it must include the corruption and damage being done by big businesses keeping hemp off the open market by keeping the war on drugs and all it’s spin-off bureaucracies funded with our tax dollars and America fed the propaganda necessary to keep the sheep supporting it.
    The ONDCP and the DEA have become self-sustaining entities that operate under no control by the American people,,only by big business.

    By any measure used,these agencies are complete failures,,failing to stop or even slow down drugs and have now become even more harmful to America than the drugs they were supposed to be stopping.

    They have been fighting natures drugs so hard that they have allowed big pharmacy to fill our cabinets with drugs that are killing more people than nature’s drugs ever have.

    Wake up America,,hemp seeds produce 7 times more bio-diesel than corn. The fibers from hemp stalks produces better paper,a renewable crop yearly,as opposed to 20 years of growing a pulpwood tree and produces paper without using the toxic chemicals necessary to make pulpwood into paper.

    And now they are capable of making bio-degradable lumber from the fibers in a stalk of hemp.
    Where are the green scientist that should be proclaiming the necessity for hemp to move our country out of an oil based economy into a renewable energy crop such as hemp,,,it is time for them to stand up and speak out. Even though they will lose any chance of government funded research on anything they research.

    Hemp was removed from the open market by big industries in 1937 and is being kept out of the competition for green solutions by even more big industries today.

    It is time to stop the insanity of locking up people just to keep hemp off the market.

  2. I am 100% with you!! Hemp the world!

  3. When I get there, I will be asking that the free energy technology that now exists and is used by DARPA and NASA is freely available for the public at large. I hope to see a change in invention secrecy laws, as well as an end to the Federal Reserve Board and the Federal government.

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