• Spark Gap Experiments, this section explores excess electrical energy (Tesla’s Radiant Energy, today’s Dirac quasiparticles) emitted from Spark Gaps…
  • Multi-Spark Gap Experiments, this section explores excess electrical energy (Tesla’s Radiant Energy, today’s Dirac quasiparticles) emitted from multiple Spark Gaps wired in series…
  • The Carbon-Based VSG FREE Energy Experiment, this section explores a novel approach of capturing excess energy freely given by the vacuum…
  • SmartSPOT. this section explores gravitational / temporal anomalies using the SmartSPOT Gravitational Explorers Kit…
  • Gyrostatic Precession Experiment, this section demonstrates gyrostatic precession, which creates a Gravity/Antigravity effect…
  • Enhanced Gyrostatic Precession Experiment, this section demonstrates gyrostatic precession, which creates a Gravity/Antigravity effect…
  • SmartSPIN X2, this section explores gyrostatic precession using four gyroscopes being rotated on a platform…
  • Diagravitic Systems, this section explores part of the NAZI Bell Antigravity Device.
  • SmartSPIN X3, this section explores gyrostatic precession using eight gyroscopes being rotated on a platform…
  • SmartLINK, this section explores Tesla’s Wireless Power Transmission System…
  • Boyd Bushman Antigravity Experiment, this section explores a unique property of magnets…
  • The Common Computing Initiative, this section describes a standard R&D computing platform for projects developed at INTALEK Inc…
  • The Progressive Tech Center, a.k.a. “The Ranch”, this section explores a privately owned and operated research and development facility that will be located in the high desert of Arizona.

Lost Technology – 12/06/97

Current Index List – Last Updated 01/03/98

Charcoal-Gas Fuel – 01/01/98

Mystery Ray Phenomena – 01/01/98

Water Fuel Mix – 01/01/98

Heat to Electricity Converter – 01/01/98

Laser reflective paint – 01/01/98

1 Watt in – 3 Watts out – 01/01/98

Rejuvenation Tea – 01/01/98

Hindu Rejuven. – 01/01/97

Sealed Power Amplifier – 01/01/98

Power Tubes & F/E Circuits -01/01/98

Hickok Free Energy Generator – 01/03/98

Manmade Gems & Teleportation – 01/01/98

Floating Magnets – 01/01/98

Magnetic Bills – 01/01/98

Charcoal-Gas Fuel

An Italian by the name of Professor Ferragutti invented and developed a charcoal-gas driven car in the early 20th century. This technology was said to have been used extensively in Italy during the last world war because Italy had no oil wells.

Ferragutti claimed his fuel was cheaper and safer to use than gasoline. Cost for the charcoal-gas fuel at the time was reported to have been only 5% that of gasoline.

From: Richard Wood
Subject: Re: Charcoal-gas fuel

If you can get a hold of some old “Mother Earth News” magazine from the late 80’s they had several articles including step by step instructions for converting a car that can run on such gas or anything that could be burned like wood.It was basically an airtight wood stove mounted in the car and the smoke was filtered and cleaned and then piped into the carb. – Woody

Kurschildgen of Hilden Germany

The limited information regarding this man would have us believe he was disproved as totally fraudulent. However, he made many interesting claims at the time and it might prove worthwhile to unearth details of the devices he claimed to have worked, should anyone be able to locate such information. Prior to the rise of Hitler’s regime, Heinrich Kurschildgen claimed to have discovered a way to make any inorganic material radioactive by using mysterious rays. Using this process, he claimed he could split the atom and use it to produce gold.

Kurshildgen also claimed to have invented;

  • a machine that would cure cancer
  • a device that would stop any engine by its rays
  • a method to purify steel

He is reported to have obtained two German patents on his inventions.

Gas & Water Fuel

In 1974, Portugese chemist John Andrews claimed to have developed a water to gas additive which would lower the cost of gasoline to 2 cents per gallon.

The additive was demonstrated to Navy officials who confirmed that it worked as claimed without reducing the combustability of the gasoline. The Navy decided to make a deal for the formula, but on arriving at Andrews lab, he was missing and the lab had been ransacked.

Heat to Electricity converter

A rooftop device, heated by the sun and using millions of microcircuits to tap the freed electrons from the heated molecules, was claimed to operate off the ‘fluctuation voltage’ derived from the static noise heard on radios and amplifiers.

Inventor Joseph C. Yater claimed in 1975 that such a device would cost the consumer approximately $200 and be up to 90% efficient.

It was demonstrated to the US government where it was declared to have ‘real potential’. The government promised a full-scale working model to be delivered within 6 months of the demonstration, yet after the 6 month period, the inventor was notified that the device was impractical.

I’ve found a little more info on Joseph C. Yater’s heat to electricity converter. He appears to have 4 patents on this technology….

  • 5623119
  • 5470395
  • 5356484
  • 4004210

They are listed as “reversible thermoelectric converters”. His last 3 patents appear to have been co-invented with 2 relatives. The patent lists….

High Efficiency reflective paint

Naval Air Systems Command reported in 1981 the development of a polished film paint which would reflect 98% of energy directed at it from high energy laser beam weapons, thereby rendering further Star Wars laser efforts useless.

OverUnity claim in patent

A report that patent #3,913,004 by Alexander claims a discovery which would output 3 watts for every 1 watt input.

Alexander Patent on IBM server
abstract and basic details

Page 5 of the Alexander Patent
this is the page where it claims three times more energy out than in
lower left column for actual power measurements
upper to middle right column for 1:3 comment

Rejuvenation tea

In a book written by French antiquarian Paul Lucas, ‘Voyage dans la Turquie’ (Paris, 1713), is a report stating that the favorite wife of the Sultan had fallen seriously ill. Lucas was summoned to see if he could help the Sultana to recover.

On entering the Sultan’s harem, he noted two beautiful young girls leaving the room. The eunuch explained these girls to be ‘odalisques’, chosen by the Padishah to nurse the ailing Sultana. Lucas was surprised that such young, inexperienced girls would be entrusted to care for the favorite wife.

The eunuch laughed and said, those ‘girls’ are not as young as you believe, they are both well over seventy. Further queries by Lucas found that these ‘odalisques’ drank a tea made from a certain herb which kept them young. This herb was grown only in the garden of the Grand Serail (in Constantinopol) and kept for the exclusive use of the harem.

Hindu Rejuvenation

Portugese court historian Lopez de Castanheda, reported on the life of a Hindu reported to have lived 370 years. At the time of his death, he had rich black hair and possessed the full youthful vigor of a young man.

The historian reports the man had been rejuvenated no less than four times during his life but gives no hint of the rejuvenation process. Being of Hindu extraction, it is likely the rejuvenation process came from India.

Vacuum/Hermetically sealed Semiconductors

A couple of years ago, I was told by a friend that a German research group had discovered a way to amplify electrical energy extraction from semiconductor circuits enclosed in a vacuum. The name I was given was Zielinski.

A few months later, I met an Al Zielinski at the 1994 ISNE conference and asked him about this technology. He had an ‘attitude’ and refused to discuss it.

In hopes he would mention this in his lecture, I attended. He never mentioned the free energy device but did claim to be involved with a secretive group in Germany who had achieved practical levitation and thrust. He refused to provide any details on either technology at the lecture.

I bought tickets to his ‘workshop’ where the claimant usually is expected to provide some hint of details. The claim was they had developed a technique which I pinned him to say involved pulsed high voltage, that would create a ‘gravity well’ in a preferred area in the vicinity of a mass.

His explanation was you could attach their equipment to a heavy mass, such as a bomb with a 100 pound nose-cone. If the device was attached to the nose-cone, the full weight of the 100 pound would ‘fall’ into the artificial gravity well in the front of the bomb housing. This would cause it to fall forward or in whichever direction the nose-cone was pointing, even to ‘fall up against gravity.’ In the ensuing years since this conference, I have heard nothing more about Zielinsky, his mystery group of this technology, despite claims by him saying they were about to come to market.

A couple of years before the Zielinksy episode, I was told by an American researcher about a device which consisted of a hermetically sealed container. Inside that container was a rack having many circuit boards plugged into it. The claim of the inventor was this device would produce many kilowatts of free power, based on some mysterious phenomenon associated with energy flow in a vacuum.

Recently, I had an opportunity to meet this American researcher again and he provided me with more detail on this device. There were 5 units made and to the best of his knowledge, there is no patent. The inventor of the device was Charlie Caro. The units were built in the area of Spruce Pine, North Carolina.

Power Tubes, F/E Circuits & Weirdness

Years ago, Ken McNeal discovered a most unusual phenomenon in a particular model of vacuum tube designated an 866. This tube produced some bizarre amplification or extraction of electrical energy when excited. 

Ken says 32VDC was applied to the base, 1.5VDC was applied to the grid and he got something on the order of 50,000 volts for an output. When the tube was powered up, streaks of high voltage streamed off the top, as if it was a Tesla coil. It was most peculiar. Ken says he found only 3 of these out of the hundreds he tested.

When devices are manufactured, they are routinely ‘burned-in’ to make sure each device (transistors, ICs, vacuum tubes, etc.) has specific response parameters. This is to ensure that the device will work properly when put into use.

Sometimes, maverick devices get through which have response parameters that are quite different from those advertised. The many electronic surplus companies which sell ‘bonus packs’ or factory seconds, are really selling components which are rejected by the manufacturers because they don’t match the parameters that are needed to be sold to industry or are just factory overruns. It is here that you will most likely find components with unusual responses.

Another friend said he knew a TI engineer who reported on an unusual effect found with IR Leds. TI routinely plugs dozens of these into a circuit, then pulses them with high current to check their output and blow out the weak ones. This engineer claimed they had a piece of toilet tissue hanging off a machine near the LED rack. When one batch of LEDs were being pulsed, the tissue paper moved as if a wind were blowing it.

My friend wondered it if could be an anti-grav effect based on Joseph Cater’s book ‘Awesome Life Force’ where Cater claims gravity can be nullified by a certain frequency slightly below what we call infra-red (IR).

To my mind, because it was high current, it was more likely a parametric upgrading to UV (ultraviolet) which would produce an ionic wind to move the tissue. So you might want to buy and test some of those ‘bonus packs’ of assorted IR leds, you might find one or more of these mavericks.

There is a very small private company which claims to have developed a free energy circuit that can be scaled up to 50KW, suitcase sized versions. I asked if I had a copy of the circuit diagram and the parts list, and I built the device and possibly tuned it, would it provide overunity for me. I was told NO.

The reason, because in this particular free energy circuit (so I am told), each component must have a critical set of response parameters. In a random batch of 50 transistors, possibly only one would have the response needed. This is required of each part used in the circuit, that it have specific response parameters.

Not only is each component response critical, but also the layout of each component in the circuit, not because it runs on microwaves (which it does not), but because the components ‘harmonize’ to create a regenerating, reinforcing, amplifying condition when the circuit is powered.

This is something that has recently been pointed out with John Hutchinson experiments where multiple electrical machines are put into a room and turned on. Within a matter of minutes or hours, strange POLTERGEIST like phenomena begins to happen in the room. Items levitate or are thrown across the room, objects materialize, dematerialize or their characteristics are altered.

The idea is that the machines, being dynamic electrical devices, have energy fields which somehow COMBINE to form a primitive consciousness. As it becomes aware, it begins excercising its abilities, much like a newborn child learning to move its arms and legs. During this process, it either loses control or gets angry enough to throw objects which damage the very devices which constitute it, eventually destroying itself.

Though more likely the phenomena is a result of dynamic nodes of force which are produced from interferences between the various electrical fields. You can read this most amazing file at;Hutchinson & Poltergeist Phenomena – 10/15/97.

Wouldn’t that be peculiar, that you had to create a certain degree of ‘consciousness’ or ‘responsiveness’ in a circuit to get it to work properly. This phenomenon of only one person being able to make the machine work has been applied to John Keely, Lester Hendershott, Henry Moray, the Hubbard generator, Edward Leedskalnin and others.

Victor Hansen, a Keely researcher since two days after the flood and good friend, says Keely used a pocket device of his own invention to allow others to operate his machines when he was not present. I was allowed to inspect one of this ‘keys’. It consisted of a silver cylinder (probably aluminum) that unscrewed from the middle. Inside, mounted in the bottom of one of these halves, were several metal bars. Victor said these bars were tuned to Keely’s body frequencies. Whenever Keely had to have work done where he would not be present, he would have his assistant place this cylinder in his pocket so the machine would ‘recognize’ him. Most peculiar.

Hickok Free Energy Machine

Several years ago, I heard rumors about a wonderful free energy device being developed in New Mexico by a lady engineer by the name of Barbara Hickok. I never pursued more information about her and was always puzzled why she was not at conferences I attended, especially since I heard she was out of Albuquerque, which is quite close to Colorado and Texas.

I have no details on the nature of the machine, but seem to recall it was a motor/generator and that she did have a patent. I typed her name in the IBM server and found nothing back to 1971, though I am sure her patent was within that period. If you have any information on this patent or this particular invention, please send some pointers….thanks…>>> Jerry

Updated Info on the Hickock machine – 12/31/97

The following is information courtesy of Ted Zettergren. You have a question about Barbara Hickok Free Energy Machine in the file: Lost Technology – 12/06/97

The electrical dynamo patented by Barbara Hickox (1981) is an interesting device. The design includes a central rotating non-conductive cylinder into which small cylindrical permanent magnets are placed.

The interesting part is that the magnets are all positioned with one pole outward, and located on two spiral lines down the surface of the rotating cylinder. Barbara claims that when properly designed, single-wound coils in the proximity of these rotating magnets will exhibit power transfers much higher than the power required to turn the cylinder.

Again, here is the idea of a spiral or cyclic texture within the substance of existing energy fields. It must be pointed out here that accurate measurements of high frequency power can be difficult to make and results can be inferred that are very much in error (Triner & Hansen, NASA, 1977). All measurements of input and output voltages and currents must be very carefully performed.

Hickox Electrical Dynamo Patent – 4249096
abstract and basic details

More Info on the Hickock machine – 01/02/98

Barbara H (not sure of the spelling) gave a talk at the Tesla confercnce about 5 years ago in Colorado Springs.

I spent some time with her afterwards. She is very eccentric. I have a copy of her patent. She claims to have developed the ideas working personally with Howard Hughes and his test pilot.

Just the three of them spent several years in an abandonded mine near Las Vegas. They put several of these devices in a Helicopter body and as they were near completion some one leaned on the switch and they were airborne.

Antigravity effects as well as free energy. They went up several miles very quickly then something came loose and they crashed. She tells quite a fascinating story. Don’t know how to verify any of it.

Artificial Diamonds & Teleportation

At the December Roundtable meeting, we discussed the recent claim of teleportation of photons. One of the guys at the meeting said he remembered that General Electric was trying to make artificial diamonds around August 1936.

There was a press release or a report in a popular science type of magazine claiming that GE had succeeded in converting coal into diamonds. The process required a variable frequency generator whose output was beamed into a piece of coal which would cause it to become a diamond.

In the coal to diamond conversion process, he could not recall what amplitude was necessary once the correct frequency was determined.

He said at one point in this process, apparently after the coal had become a diamond, it would teleport across the room. Again, no idea of what amplitude.

Other gemstones were tried with the same teleportation result but requiring different frequencies. The experiment was also tried with a pearl with no result.

Floating Magnets – 12/30/97

A recent email from Larry Leija suggests a way to do the magnet through a tube experiment very cheaply. It says; the html page you have on neodymium magnet experiments suggests that an aluminum tube 3/4″ thick should be used to observe your magnet floating down the tube when dropped thru the tube.

A solid aluminum tube has been hard to come by and I suspect expensive. A cheap alternative is a thick roll of aluminum foil, preferably the thickest sold. Costing between $4.50 and $5.00 at your local grocery store, one can observe the same effect with the same resulting excitement and awe.

Magnetic Bills – 12/30/97

In addition, Larry also suggests another experiment one can perform, attracting U.S. paper money, otherwise known as a Federal Reserve Note.

Dangle your money loosely from the shortest side and place your magnet next to the bottom of the bill( And I don’t mean the paper strip embedded in the bill).

You’ll soon be attracting cash in the direction of the magnet. (Ahh! If only this could be a way to attract money in my direction). Yes, our money has iron in it or some type of magnetic property. If this isn’t news I must have missed it! – Catch you later!


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